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"The World Needs You"

"The world needs you," he said.

I was silent, and I stared at him through the Zoom screen.

I let the words linger in the air and finally settle in. I felt light and floaty, then happy and excited.

"Oh wow. Thank you!" I muttered.

I was winding down a full year of academic training at a university for an executive and professional coaching program. I was in the middle of my practicum. As students, we had to submit 4 recorded video calls and transcripts to our mentors for review and feedback.

"He" was my mentor. This was our third call.

He hadn't always given me such positive feedback. There had been times when I had had plenty of material to work on and improve. I'd taken all of his advice and put it to work.

"The world needs you" echoed in my mind, and continues to do so.

I love being a coach.

(I mean, I LOVE it.)

Partnering with other humans to help them transform themselves—in small ways or big—is like adding frosting to cake. All the ingredients for the cake are already there, but the frosting (or in this case, the coaching) adds an extra "pop," "flavor," or "ahhh." It leads to better results than cake alone.

He’d said, "The world needs you."

So I will step up, speak up, and rise up.

I will be of service to women in the world who are seeking transformation.

Because the world needs you too. 

And it will be one of my biggest joys to guide you toward putting frosting on your cake.


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