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The THING under the thing

I heard it in her voice: self-doubt, hesitancy, and fatigue.

She'd called me about a thing, but I knew there was something else: there was a “THING” under her “thing.”

At first, we played the game of pleasantries and catching up. I told her I could help her with the “thing.”

Yet I couldn’t ignore my intuition that she really needed more support. I started asking a few questions. 

Before long, we started to hit on the “THING” (even though she’d said she didn’t want to talk about it.) 

The sobbing began.

I pulled the car over and gave her my undivided attention. 

I got curious. I asked questions. I listened, and gave her the space she needed to get it all out, without judgment. I knew that even though she was going through a “THING”—and couldn’t see her own power through the haze—she was whole and complete and resourceful inside.

Near the end of the call, the tension in her voice was gone. She even laughed and came up with a few baby steps to create momentum toward what she really wants. Her voice reflected relief, confidence, and strength. She'd broken free of the shackles.

She felt better; I felt better. 

The next day, she posted her experience with our call on her socials.

I felt like I’d won the lottery.

Her words reflected back everything that’s important to me: connection, presence, hope, and supporting others.

Help others, and you receive the gift.

Funny how life works.

A client testimonial reflecting gratitude for guidance, presence, and coaching skills.