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What Clients Say

I feel incredibly honored to help guide my clients on their journey toward empowerment, confidence, and self-trust. I get chills when I notice them shed old identities and patterns, and instead, step into fuller, more powerful and authentic versions of themselves.

Yet it's one thing for me to tell you their stories; it's a whole different experience when you get to hear their words. Check out the stories below to hear what actual clients say about working with me, and how they have transformed in the process.

Fear and stress around money

"I always had this underlying pattern of fear and stress around money; a feeling of inadequacy, and just overall lack. There was some shame and guilt, and I didn't feel like I deserved it. Working with Jennifer was really helpful. Now, life in general is so much easier and less stressful. I really feel at peace and a sense of calm, and sense of capability and empowerment. It has rippled out in other areas of my life. I've seen more growth in my personal life [since working with Jennifer], and my business growth in last six months is off the charts compared to previous years combined." Ashleigh

Wanted to give up

"The area that I was struggling with the most in my life was my business, I was stuck. I was trying to do all the things and use all the tools, and I just kept freezing in my head. I was feeling hopeless and almost ready to give up on my business. The breakthrough with Jennifer allowed me to start moving forward and do the things that my heart wanted to do. It literally tore down the walls that had been barriers for me to move forward. The change in less than two months has been astounding. My business has grown by almost 10 times. I can see possibilities that I only dreamt of before."  January

Money blocks

"I worked with Jennifer to release my money blocks. I didn't think I deserved to make money. I didn't think I was competent at making  money. When I started to build my business, I realized I couldn't keep thinking like that. It's almost sinful how easy it was listening to Jennifer's very soft, gentle, non-judgmental coaching. I was able to let go of generations around fear and shame, frustration and anger and sadness, around money. In just a few sessions with her it was gone, and honestly, I was able to have a sales conversation without any hesitation, bringing up a dollar amount, bringing up money in a way that I've never been able to do before." Kelly

Lack of confidence

I didn’t feel like I had a lot of direction, and it was affecting my confidence and just making me angry, sad, frustrated. I knew that something needed to change. So I am really, really, really happy. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to work with Jennifer. It was just so freeing to have the direction of knowing how I was going to achieve my goals. In the end, it just really restored my confidence and helped get direction for a goal in mind. So I'm definitely now feeling more purposeful. I know for me it [coaching with Jennifer] was worth any amount of money and was well worth the investment. Karen

Guilt and fear

"My number one negative emotion was guilt. Growing up in my life, there was a lot of "this is right," and "this is wrong." And so my conscience has always held a lot of guilt for anything that I did or didn't do. And this was my biggest struggle that I was looking to get over with Jennifer, I also held a lot of fear; a lot of my life was consequence-based, and it was really holding me back. [Working with Jennifer] was very healing. Jennifer really does a great job. I absolutely loved working with her. She was very patient and very kind; she made me feel very comfortable. Now that I've worked with Jennifer, life is pretty good."  Chelcie

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