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Easy-breezy, kick-ass pleasey

This morning, sitting alone before sunrise in my comfy chair with a cup of tea, I thought about the different seasons of my life. 

Some seasons have felt easy-breezy, kick-ass pleasey. They were fun, joyful, and vibrant. Being on my own for the first time, homeschooling my kids, and moving across country (multiple times) have been those kinds of heart-opening and rewarding seasons for me. 

Other seasons have been hard. Getting divorced, grieving death, and relating to my daughters, as they navigate through their own tough seasons, have been hard. There have been times when I've fallen down, f*cked up, and made poor choices.

As I sat in my chair thinking about all of it this morning, I realized: "It's all good."

All of it.

I don't mean that the pain, the struggle, and the loss felt good.

I mean that the lessons, the growth, and the cultivation of my own self-trust have been good. All the seasons of my life have helped shape and define me. I've learned from them. They've helped me settle into myself.

It's time for a new season

December always feels sacred to me. 

it's as a period of changing seasons: there's the holiday season, the past year's season, and the season of the new year ahead. 

It's a season of reflection.

  • What season are you currently experiencing?
  • What season do you want to experience?
  • Where are your growth points?
  • What else are you reflecting on right now?

If you're in an easy-breezy, kick-ass pleasey season...ride that wave girlfriend! Soak up every drop of pleasure, joy, and satisfaction. Remember gratitude. Use this time to help others who need to support right now. 

If you're in a season of struggle, loss, or disappointment, turn inward. Are there places where you might choose to trust yourself a smidge more? Can you cultivate some courage to ask for help? How have you grown that you hadn't yet noticed?

A new season is coming

No matter what season you're in, there's always another season around the corner. There's a dark season after the light. There's a light season after the dark.

(In the long run) they're all good.

I'm curious: what have you learned from the seasons of your life? 

Let's share below and give a collective thanks for all of the learnings. You never know where your lessons will support someone else.

Be well,