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My Values

These are my deepest beliefs. They come from my personal experiences and understandings about life and business.


Key words: acceptance, included, valued, loved, worthy caring, connected

I believe that beauty and abundance abound through meaningful connection that starts with a deep connection to ourselves through self-acceptance. Once we can notice our own worth, then we can also notice it in others, and embrace each individual with deep compassion and acceptance. Innovation and collaboration stem from connection, leading to joy, love, and a deep peace within. 


Key words: resilience, powerful, change-maker, capable, value, strength, seen

I believe that we are all powerful creators, if we choose to accept our capability. To be change-makers, we must be willing to be seen, use our voice, and accept our strength. The more we create, iterate, pivot, and create, the more powerful creators we can become.


Key words: self-trust, intuition, magnetism, creativity, authenticity

I believe it’s possible to attract what we want to experience instead of having to hustle for it. (Most of us have been conditioned to believe otherwise.) When we peel away non-serving identities and wounding from our past, we become magnetic to our desires. Deep healing allows this magnetism to grow stronger, permitting us to attract all that we want to be, do, and have.


Key words: freedom, curiosity, spirit-led, purposeful, innovative, soul growth

I believe we are constantly evolving, from birth to death. By choosing to follow the breadcrumbs of our spirit-led curiosity, we experience tremendous soul growth and freedom. The pursuit of expansion is why we are here. Expansion brings joy, purpose, and growth. I believe in expansion through “slowth,” slow growth over time.