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I help growth-minded women entrepreneurs grow their confidence and self trust so they can dream bigger and take bolder action.

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The Soul Urge Community is an online hub for women entrepreneurs, founders, creatives, and visionaries to exchange ideas, learn from experts, and develop new skills.  Think of it as a virtual co-working space where you're always welcome, make new connections, and learn something while you're there!

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  • Ask & Answer the Community, a safe place to ask questions and get answers about your current business and life challenges.
  • Community Calendar, a never-ending list of events designed to accelerate your personal and professional growth.
  • Recordings & Replays, a video library of past events in case you missed something "live." 
  • Guided Meditations, a library of audio recordings that will relax you and help you get answers from your intuition.
  • Mini-courses, such as the upcoming Confidence Boot Camp!

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* Join before 12/31/22 and pay just $7/month for a lifetime membership (unless you leave and come back). New members joining after January 1, 2023 will pay $47/month.

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There's free stuff in The Soul Urge Community too! Pop on over and check out these free resources:

  • Upcoming webinars.
  • News & announcements with tips, tricks, and information about upcoming classes.
  • Tools and resources, including downloadable files and special promotions.
  • The Soul Urge Podcast: easy access to timely topics that will support your personal and professional growth.
"It was so easy it was listen to Jennifer's very soft, gentle non-judgmental coaching. I was able to let go of generations of fear, shame, frustration, anger and sadness around money and all of the things that I thought it meant. I say to anyone who's not sure if the investment is going to pay off. you have no idea what it feels like to be released from the weight of those generations of money worries and just feel free and able to say 'I'm worth it.' Thank you Jennifer!"
Kelly McClymer