What’s your ripple effect?

A ripple effect is “the continuing and spreading results of an event or action.”

Consider your state of mind as an “event” or “action.”

This means that the thoughts in your brain matter. Your mindset has an effect in the world: on yourself, on the people around you, and in the world at large.

What impact do you want to have with your ripple effect?

Consider the following thoughts:

  • “Everybody struggles” (lack).
  • “I LOVE what I do” (sufficiency).
  • “This weather sucks” (lack).
  • “There’s always enough for everybody” (sufficiency).
  • “Nobody appreciates me” (lack).
  • “I have everything I need” (sufficiency).

Which feels better: lack or sufficiency?

If you believe that people are out to get you, there’s never enough, and that you’re unlovable, your ripple effect is one of lack. You spread that all around you.

If you believe that everyone has what what they need, there’s enough abundance for everybody, and that love is always available, then your ripple effect is one of sufficiency. You spread that all around you.

And whatever you “send out” into the world, you “get back.”

What do you want your ripple effect to be?

You get to choose.

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