What do you see?

When it comes to growing a business (or managing your life), you can either create exactly what you want or you can “wait and see” what happens. 

There’s no wrong answer.

Although personally, I LOVE being deliberate. Because I LOVE getting what I want. 

Here are a few things that I’ve wanted:

  • I wanted to re-own a house that lost in my divorce. Got it.
  • I wanted my daughters to turn out to be amazing humans. Nailed it.
  • I wanted to be a coach and work from home. Doing it.
  • I wanted a relationship that was fun, easy, active, loving, and transparent. Have it.

Every single thing I wanted started with a VISION. 

Because once you’re clear about what you want and where you’re going, THEN you can get to work on getting them.

Last week I spent four hours with a client. We took a “deep dive” into her business. I asked lots of questions. We got clear on the terrain and foundation. 

We created a VISION.

The vision will remind her of where she’s going, no matter how her journey unfolds.
Here’s what will happen:⭐️ Her business will grow.
⭐️ She will grow.
⭐️ She’ll step into a new version of herself that she never thought possible.

BOOYA and goosebumps.

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