Trauma: “Big T” and “little t”

Last November, I experienced a big scare.

I was camping at a state park in northern North Carolina. I woke up to a slight drizzle. Since I was ready to move on to my next destination, I packed up my campsite and got ready to depart. JUST as I was about to step into my vehicle and pull away from my site, I slipped on a wooden beam and fell backwards on my wrist and tailbone.

I’d never experienced so much pain run up my spine. The world around me turned white.

I was alone. I mean ALONE. I was the last camper at the campground for the season. There were no other humans nearby.

I’d just experienced trauma.

No, my trauma wasn’t war or violence or rape or murder—I call those “Big T” traumas—but it was trauma. I call it a “little t” trauma.

I want you to understand that there’s no scale for trauma. Trauma is trauma. Period. And trauma leaves behind an imprint on our neurology. It might affect how we sleep at night, how we interact with people, how we face new situations, whether or not we can work, or all of the above.

If you’ve experienced trauma—”Big T” or  “little t”—stop trying to convince yourself “I’m fine” or “I shouldn’t be feeling this way” or “I don’t need help,” especially if you think what you experienced wasn’t traumatic enough. Relief is available.

I’ve helped a lot of people with trauma lately. Clients who have experienced trauma from:

  • Divorce
  • Neglect
  • AbuseLoss
  • PTSD
  • Molestation
  • Separation

The results? Less intrusive thoughts, better sleep, more self-worth, improved work performance, more confidence, ability to take action (where he/she had felt incapable), self-trust, stronger relationships, less anger, less sadness….just to name a few.

Oh, and by the way, my process takes 3-4 hours, (not weeks, not months, not years).

Curious? Let’s talk.


P.S. My story had a happy ending. My whiteout subsided, and I drove myself to the local ER then spent the night in a hotel. The next day, I drove (one-handed) to relatives’ house in South Carolina where I spent a couple of weeks healing. 🙂

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