The wind and the oak tree

I spent the month of September on the Maine coast. One day, there was a helluva wind.

The leaves on the tree branches shook and shimmied. The wind flew through them, creating loud whooshing noises as they held on for dear life. I could barely maintain my footing against the force of the wind—I felt like it just might blow me right across the yard and into the harbor with the lobster and sail boats—as I made my way to my favorite oak tree.

I sat down on the grass and leaned back against the tree trunk. It felt solid and unwavering against my back. It didn’t bend or buckle—or even move—under the wind’s pressure. It seemed to say to the wind, “You may be able to shake my limbs, but you’ll never knock me down.”

Life is like the wind.

Just like the wind, life is usually calm and comfortable, but once in a while, it throws out unexpected conditions that shake and overwhelm us. It creates chaos all around. It might look like divorce, death, financial destruction, or an empty nest. (I’ve been shook by them all.) At least times, we feel like we might bend and break under the pressure.

You are like the oak tree.

No matter what life throws your way, you can handle it. You are strong, resilient, and well-rooted. You will stand strong, trusting that life won’t always be trying to knock you over. The chaos will subside, the uncertainty will die down, and life will one day feel calm and comfortable again.

There you’ll be, standing stronger and taller than you ever knew possible.


P.S. If you feel like life is blowing you around and you need a little help, reach out to me. Life threw me lots (and LOTS) of blows. I know how to help.

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