The sky is falling

Sometimes it feels like the sky is falling. Like, things happen outside of us that we don’t see coming. That unexpected bill, a hurtful comment, or a plan that falls through.

At first, it feels like we have no control in the situation. We feel powerless, as if life is being done “to” us rather than believing that we can take the reigns and guide ourselves to the outcome we want. 

I’ve learned to “catch” myself in these situations and remind myself that Nothing has gone wrong (the sky isn’t ACTUALLY falling).

I’ll give you some examples:

  • I didn’t accomplish a business goal I set out for April. 

    REMINDER: “Nothing has gone wrong. 
    I’ll just keep working on it (instead of giving up). Every time I do, I learn something new, and that gets me closer.”
  • A good friend recently ended a friendship with me. It stung. I got a lump in my belly. 

    Nothing has gone wrong; we simply believe different things. I can choose to keep honoring and holding space for this person. Maybe it won’t be forever.” 
  • I recently talked to someone about growing her business. She—and it—are poised for so much growth. I could SEE it. I could FEEL it. I got excited for her (REALLY excited)! But ultimately, she decided she to focus her attention elsewhereI felt bummed.

    REMINDER: “Nothing has gone wrong; she gets to decide when she’s ready. Feeling bummed doesn’t serve her.”

In the past, any one of these scenarios would have sent me into a tailspin. I would have felt flawed or broken. I’d be convinced I had no control. I’d have worried, fret, and spun around in mind drama for days (which, by the way, takes a ton of time and energy).

Now I decide what I want to think on purpose—quickly and decisively—and move on. I use my time and energy on more productive things than worrying. It feels sooooo much better than feeling like a victim.

Nah, the sky’s not falling. It never is. 

As my own coach recently pointed out: “The sky’s the limit!”

Ahhh…what a wonderful way to think about the sky.

2 thoughts on “The sky is falling”

  1. Linda L Linscott

    I love that Jennifer!! I have recently come upon realizing much the same. Time is too valuable to waste on worrying. However I still find myself reacting in the moment I learn of a disappointment but try very hard to recognize that Life is happening for me not to me as you say. It works but I’m not 100% there yet. Life is a journey!!! And I always believe the journey is the reward. Thanks for reminding me there’s always room for improvement!!! Cheers!

    1. Linda – that’s SUCH great awareness!

      It’s okay to feel disappointment…it’s what you do with that disappointment that matters!

      My tips are to let yourself FEEL the ugly stuff – own it, acknowledge it, experience it – and once it no longer has a “charge” to it, go ahead and reframe it.

      Yes, there’s usually a lesson in there somewhere! 🙂

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