The biggest killer going into 2022…

…is “I’m too busy, I don’t have enough time.”

Every time I’ve said this in the past, I would put so much time and energy into something that I thought was going to make my dreams come true yet I ended tired and exhausted, and I felt like the hamster wheel was never going to end. I realized the busy “rat race” of filling my schedule made me think I was fulfilled, but in reality, I’d never felt more empty. 

Back then, I believed that hard work made me look like I was successful…that I was doing something good with my life…that it validated where I was spending my money inappropriately.

I didn’t want to actually look at what was underneath my time problem. I’d say:

  • I have to be doing this.” 
  • I need to do this to get what I want.”
  • I should do this or I’m selfish.”
  • If I don’t do this, what will “they” say?”

Now when I get “busy,” I ask myself these questions:

  • “What is being busy protecting you from?”
  • “When you’re busy, what are you missing out on in my life that you really want?”
  • “If you weren’t busy what would you be afraid of”
  • “By being busy, what are you avoiding?”
  • “What are the negative thoughts and emotions you’re feeling because you’re ‘busy?’”
  • “Where are you hoping busyness will get you that it’s not?”

What comes up for you if you honestly answer these questions for yourself?

For me, they’re like a gut punch and reality check.

I want spaciousness in my life to create, have fun, be adventurous, spend time connecting with myself and others. I want love, abundance, and freedom.

I can’t get those things when I’m in a constant state of busyness. 

I want to explore this with you so that you don’t start 2022 in the same busy state as you are in now.

Sign up for a free 15-minute call with me and let’s see what unfolds.

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