The BE-ing Tree

Almost every day this month, I’ve spent time under this tree.

I usually sit.

Sometimes, I lay down.

I might watch the harbor.

Or close my eyes and listen…

…to the leaves.

…to the seagulls.

…to my breathing, which

tries to synchronize with the beat of my heart.

Often, my brain bounces and jiggles and insists that I DO things.

When I remember, I silently tell it to f*ck off.

When I forget, it chatters away.

The next day, I try again.

I’m practicing BE-ing.

With no agenda.

With no expectations.

Presencing everything around me.

When I’m done,

I stand up, and go back to my day.

More peaceful…

…than when I started.

Have you ever had these thoughts?

The Trust Tribe

– “I want to trust myself more.”
– “I’ve gotten lost in my own life.”
– “I have no idea what I want.”
– “I want to go to bed without worrying.”
– “I don’t have any self-confidence.”

If so, then the Trust Tribe is for you, a women’s membership group designed to help you get un-lost and grow trust and confidence in yourself. Each week, we’ll have a dynamic discussion and challenge you can apply to your own life. It’s a safe place to say YES to yourself and love your life even more.

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