Kelly shares her experience about having a personal breakthrough to help work through generational issues she inherited around money—shame, guilt, and “lack”—and instead, feel free and empowered!

Karen shares her experience having a personal breakthrough, and how it helped her shift from feeling like she was in “limbo,”—without a clear direction—to feeling purposeful and moving toward her goals again.

Before Roma’s breakthrough, she felt stuck and in turmoil after her divorce. She felt rejected, unworthy, scared, and a failure. After her personal breakthrough, she felt strong and empowered, and is now excited about moving toward her clear, achievable goals.

Laurie was struggling with anxiety, sleeplessness, and guilt about her weight. She was unhappy and sad in many areas of her life. After a Personal Breakthrough with me, she began to accept herself and find peace. She now sleeps better, responds to her family with more patience, and feels an overall sense of peace and gratitude!

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