You're smart, accomplished, and competent.

But something's not working.

A year from now, everything will be exactly the same...

...unless you take a stand for yourself now.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You want to change or achieve something in your life, but every time you try, you fall short. You don't understand why you can't figure it out or you don’t trust yourself to take a risk.

  • You make yourself so busy that you don't have time to think about how lost you actually are.

  • You've solved lots of problems and achieved endless goals yet you’re not satisfied somewhere in life.

  • You put everyone else first and you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. You're tired of running on the hamster wheel but you can't find the exit ramp.

  • You feel unsupported, but you’re afraid to ask for help because you don’t want to burden anyone.

  • You push yourself to be something for everybody else, trying to fit into everyone else’s expectations.

  • You think about “starting over” (new job, new relationship, new location), but fear stops you in your tracks.

It's time to prioritize yourself (for a change).

If you said "yes" to one or more of the above, I get it.

I've felt ALL of them.

But nothing changed.

For a lonnnnng time.

My life stayed exactly the same...

...until I decided to change.

It cost me YEARS and TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars.

Don't waste time and money like I did.

Instead, join The Soul Urge Academy.

I've made it easy on you.


What is the Soul Urge Academy?

The Soul Urge Academy is the fastest, easiest, and most sustainable solution for feeling empowered and in control of your own life.


A Proven System

The Soul Urge Academy incorporates modern coaching techniques (based on Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, and the International Coaching Federation) to help you create a holistic, transformational shift in your life.


A Judgment-Free Space

In The Soul Urge Academy, you're allowed to be your true, authentic self as you grow into the next best version of you. You'll never be judged or shamed for things in your past or any of the things you what you want to create in the future.


A Supportive Community

In The Soul Urge Academy, you'll be surrounded by a community of women who are transforming their lives just like you. Connect with, learn from, and get supported by other women who are sharing a similar journey.

Imagine if you could...

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...steer your own ship and feel more aligned and  empowered than you ever have.

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...use your voice to express your needs and honor yourself among those around you.

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...stop the "old tapes" so you're eager and excited for the day ahead.

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...feel in control of your time instead of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

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...muster the courage to explore the passions that invigorate you.

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...implement self-care practices (yoga, meditation, long walks, time in nature, etc.) that help you feel more present in your life.

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...experience a deep personal transformation that lets you embody your true authentic self in a profound way.

That's exactly what women achieve in The Soul Urge Academy.

What do you get in
The Soul Urge Academy?

The Soul Urge Academy is a life-changing 12-month program that includes:

A One-on-One
Soul Urge Breakthrough
($2,497 value)

A Soul Urge Breakthrough is an in-depth process that transforms your beliefs, emotions, and attitudes, eliminates the negative emotions and limiting decisions that are blocking you, and creates alignment between your conscious thoughts and your unconscious motivations.

A Soul Urge Breakthrough includes:

  • A Detailed Personal History, where we uncover the unconscious patterns that are no longer serving you.

  • Time Line Therapy®, a guided meditative process that allows you to release any repressed negative emotions (anger, sadness, hurt, etc) and vulnerable thoughts (unworthy, unlovable, etc).

  • Inner conflict resolution to align two separate parts of you so that they finally share the same beliefs, values, and behaviors instead of fighting against each other.

  • A clear action plan that you’re motivated to achieve

Three Inspiring 9-Week Group Programs
($2,991 Value)

Each 9-week program will focus on a central theme designed to help you create sustainable, long-term change in your life. All sessions are recorded, if you can't attend "live."


  • Inner Health, Happy Self (Valued at $997)
    In this class, we’ll shift the paradigm of health. Rather than focusing on a number on the scale, running a 5K, or eating healthier, we’ll work on shifting the health of your mind from the inside out. When you clean up your inner world, your outer world will transform.

  • Happy Self, Outer Wealth (Valued at $997)
    In these 9 weeks, you’ll learn to move from a scarcity to abundance mindset so you can receive wealth in all areas of your life (not just your bank account, but also in your relationships, connection to spirit, career, etc). Learn how to receive in one area and notice how you can receive in all other areas too.

  • Freedom (Valued at $997)
    Freedom reflects the amount of choice you have, your ability to speak up for yourself, and how joyful you feel. Freedom is adventure, momentum, and the power to act, speak, and think without hindrance. Learn how to get past everything that’s holding you back.



A One-on-One Vision Call
($97 Value)

We'll talk about what you want to achieve in the year ahead.


Specifically, we'll discuss:

  • Your one-year vision.
  • The obstacles that are in your way.
  • The negative impact of not reaching your vision.
  • The positive impact of achieving it.
  • Strategies for moving forward.

What Clients Have Said


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The Soul Urge Academy
Also Includes These Bonuses!

Bonus #1
8 Extra Breakthrough Modules
(Valued at $1,197)


These pre-recorded modules will set you up for success for your Soul Urge Breakthrough. You'll learn what to expect, how the process works, and key concepts that will ensure how to get the deepest results possible from your Soul Urge Breakthrough.


Bonus #2
Up to 2 Trauma Releases
(valued at $997 each)


In a trauma release, I'll guide you to release and heal all the negative emotions and negative thoughts from a traumatic experience or traumatic period time using Time Line Therapy®. This will allow you to feel more peace and inner alignment than you ever have.


Bonus #3
12 Guided Meditations
(Valued at $297)

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Get 12 guided meditations that will take you on 12 inner journeys so you can connect with and evolve your intuition. These meditations will help you uncover your true, authentic inner voice so you can more easily create the life that is truly perfect for you.


Bonus #4
The Soul Urge Roadmap
(Valued at $27)

Website buttons (17)This 12-page strategic guide will help you to go inward where you will get insights on your heart’s desire, uncover your natural strengths and challenges, and “connect the dots” between when you are and what you want.

Bonus #5
A Custom Meditation
(Valued at $97)


You'll receive a personal meditation (just for you) that reflects all of your breakthrough learnings so you can install these insights at a deep, unconscious level.

Bonus #6
A Goal in the Future Strategy
(Valued at $97)


A "goal in the future" strategy that allows you to get clear about a specific future goal, align it with your unconscious motivations, and insert it in your future time line.

I've been in your shoes

Jennifer HooperHi. My name is Jennifer.

I've earned multiple degrees, thrived in a range of careers, raised two children, owned lots of real estate, and enjoyed solo international travel. So when my life imploded—and I found myself divorced, bankrupt, unemployed, and unable to maintain relationships with my kids—I felt completely lost, standing in the rubble of everything I had created in my own life.

Finally, I began to transform my life after I discovered NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy®. I released accumulated hurt, sadness, and anger. I let go of vulnerable self-judgments: failure, unworthy, and lost. I healed long-held emotional scars. These were the blocks that were holding me back.

Today, I live in the southwest with my second husband, enjoying entrepreneurship and travel. I feel happy and deeply satisfied. As a certified life coach, I help women who are lost in the rubble of their own success.

Join me in The Soul Urge Academy, restore your vitality, and satisfy your soul urge!


Doors Close September 2 and won't open again until January.

Here's what's included in The Soul Urge Academy:

  • - A one-on-one Soul Urge Breakthrough ($2,497 value)
    - Three 9-Week Group Programs ($2,991 value)
    - A One-on-One Vision Call ($97 value)
    - 8 Pre-recorded Breakthrough Modules ($1,197 value)
    - Up to 2 trauma releases ($1,994 value)
    - 12 guided meditations ($297 value)
    - The Soul Urge Roadmap ($27 value)
    - Personalized meditation ($97 value)
    - A goal in the future strategy ($97 value)

Total value = $9,294.

Sign Up Today for 12 Payments of $297!

Nothing will change unless YO.U change.