Is it time to change your stories?

Do you tell stories? 

The juicy kind that place you as the heroine who triumphs over hard times and gets what she wants? 

Or stories laced with despair and victimhood with oodles of blame on other people?

Here’s the deal. 

You get to choose.

And you can choose any story—including any ending—you want. 

The more you tell your stories…the more true they become.

Here are some examples:

  • After my divorce, I told the story, “I’m unlovable.” 
    I changed it to “I’m a great person.”
  • After I lost my house, I told the story, “I’m a failure.” 
    I changed it to “I wonder if I could ever live in that house again” (I do).
  • After I declared bankruptcy, I told the story, “I’m terrible with money.” I changed it “I know what I’m doing.”

What stories are you willing to change?

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