I only saw flaws

I was obsessed with every brush stroke, drip, and visible inconsistency.

I was staining the railings on my front porch. They’d been neglected, and I wanted them to be beautiful. But each time a new layer of stain dried, I saw more flaws. I eyed every angle of each spindle and kept going back to touch them up. The more closely I looked, the more frustrated I became.

Have you ever done that?

Have you ever looked so closely at a something in your business—with an ultra-powerful magnifying glass—that the only thing that’s visible to you are its looming imperfections?

Maybe you didn’t hit a revenue goal. Or a contract ran out. Perhaps you lost a key employee.

When things go wrong, we tend to become obsessed with it. We like to look at it from every angle. The more we look at a flaw, the more flaws we see.

After I painted for hours, I finally took a break and walked away. 

Upon my return, something magical had happened.

I saw the big picture. 

My perspective shifted.

The railings were beautiful. I was stunned. I could see that all my effort had actually paid off.

Are you missing the big picture in your business right now? Are you hyper-focused on something that’s “gone wrong” that you can’t see what’s going right? Like an amazing referral, an abundant client funnel, or your best quarter yet?

If you currently feel frustrated, take a break. A break might give you a shift in perspective. And a small shift might make all the difference between “everything is broken” and “things are working.”


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