“How do you feel?”

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A number of years ago, I desperately wanted a better life. I was overwhelmed and scared, fighting for survival and desperate to be happy. I had no friggin’ clue how to get there (especially when I didn’t even know where “there” was). I was anxious to get moving, take action, and ARRIVE. It couldn’t happen fast enough.

And yet…my first life coach (and every coach since) always asked, How do you feel? 

She asked it a lot. I hated it.

I thought, Who cares? I’m a perfect rule follower. Tell me what to do, and I’ll do the things. I don’t care about my feelings.

I believed—from teachers, coaches, parents, and society—that the key to success was to DO things, not FEEL things. No one had ever taught me otherwise.

I was wrong.

Turns out, everything we do—both good and bad—is fueled by how we feel.

  • Kick butt and take names? You feel CONFIDENT.
  • Spin in confusion? You feel OVERWHELMED.
  • Willing to try something new? You feel OPTIMISTIC.
  • Terrible at making decisions? You feel SCARED.
  • (See what I mean?)

See what I mean?


  • Feeling “on purpose” is a learnable skill. 
  • When you feel “on purpose” you get shizzle done (like get the life and business you want).
  • Learning this skill is life-transforming.


It’s true. And powerful. Give it a try!

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