Try “Hakalau” for a Quick Holiday De-stressor!

Today I’m sharing an ancient Hawaiian meditation that you can do any time and anywhere to reduce anxiety, feel calm, and feel more grateful.

It’s called “Hakalau,” and it means “eyes wide open.” Best part? You can feel its calming effect in as little as a minute or two.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Focus on a stationary spot on the wall above and in front of you.
  2. Stare at the spot. As you focus intently, you’ll start to notice details around that spot—through your peripheral vision—that you hadn’t noticed at first.
  3. Notice that your peripheral view continues to expand as you continue to focus on that one spot.
  4. Within a minute or two, your awareness opens up even more. Your visual field expands, and your awareness of what’s around you grows.
  5. Enjoy a sense of calm wash over you. Notice that any racing thoughts you were having fade into the background.

Continue for as long as you can: a minute, 10 minutes, or maybe even longer. Your peripheral vision will continue to expand.

As you do this practice more often, you’ll also find that it’s impossible to hold a negative state when you are in peripheral vision.

Softening your focus lets you soften your mind and allows you to see opportunities you never knew were there.

This holiday season, if you find yourself struggling with a big crowd or getting frustrated by family tension, give Hakalau a try. (If you have to, sneak into a bedroom or bathroom and do it alone!)

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