Ep 18 | Alignment and the Law of Attraction (LOA), featuring Ginny Gane and Cassie Parks

If you’ve ever watched The Secret, listened to Abraham-Hicks, or studied the Law of Attraction (LOA), you know that to manifest what you want, you must become a vibrational match to it, which is done through alignment. “Alignment” is a popular buzz word, but what does it mean?

Quite literally, alignment means, “in a line.” Yet when it comes to manifestation, what exactly needs to be “lined up?” Meet Ginny Gane and Cassie Parks, both Law of Attraction coaches, who share a lively conversation about alignment, manifestation, BEingness, and so much more.

To learn how to connect with Ginny and Cassie and get the full show notes, visit https://www.thesoulurgepodcast.com/ep-18-alignment-and-the-law-of-attraction-loa-featuring-ginny-gane-and-cassie-parks/

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