Bucket #1 or bucket #2?

When it comes to making decisions, people typically fall into one of two buckets:

Bucket #1: Those who MAKE decisions.

Bucket #2: Those who THINK ABOUT making decisions.

The people in Bucket #1 get shit done. They don’t waste time second-guessing. They take action, even if it turns out to be the wrong action. And if it IS wrong, they shrug their shoulders, squeeze out a lesson, and try something different. In the long run, they succeed, but mostly because they’ve failed along the way.

People in Bucket #2 stay stuck. They WANT to make decisions, but they’re too afraid. They let their minds spin. What happens if I make a mistake? What will people think? What if I can’t do it? These people feel overwhelmed and believe there’s never enough time (mostly because they’re spending so much time THINKING instead of DOING).

I know, because I used to be Bucket #2 person.

About a year ago, I DECIDED I wanted to be a Bucket #1 person.

I’ve been practicing making decisions.

I’m getting good at it.

Even if I get it wrong.

The funny thing is, being indecisive used to feel like a warm, cozy, safe blanket. Now it feels like an itchy and scratchy burlap bag.

Being decisive feels warm and cozy now.

Which bucket do you want to fall in?

Bucket #1 or Bucket #2?

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