Hi, I'm Jennifer

I help women learn to trust themselves, grow their confidence, and enjoy their lives even more.

As a coach, I mentor and guide my clients through a part of their personal journey, helping them work through any obstacles that come up along the way. 

Over time, they learn how to tap into their own guidance system and inner wisdom. I help them hear their inner knowing and trust what it’s telling them.

I use my internal guidance system to help people uncover and trust their own inner wisdom.

My Story
I remember an earlier version of myself who wanted to have new experiences, follow the threads of new curiosities, and see new places.

I was so damned afraid.

I silently withered away as I juggled marriage, a home, children, and did all the right things.

Despite following “all the rules,” my life still fell apart.

I got divorced. I had no job. I had no money. I declared bankruptcy. I lost investment properties. My kids favored their father. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Or my life.​

I was fantastically unhappy.

Until I did some inner soul work.

I started listening to MYSELF instead of all the outside voices (like societal norms, marketing, social media, friends, parents, and my ex-husband).

I learned how to:

  • hear my own internal “whispers”
  • pay attention to the illogical nudges
  • listen to the beat of my own heart

I had new experiences.

I followed my curiosity.

I saw new places.

I became happier,
healthier, and more at peace.

I learned how to trust my inner guidance, follow my own rules, and pursue experiences that made my heart happy.

Guess what?

Nothing has fallen apart since!

I’m now happily married, have great relationships with my kids. travel, and live and work from anywhere I want. 

It is EXACTLY the life that suits me.

Let's to work together!

Whether you need help overcoming a small situation or feel called to embark on a major transformation, I offer a range of mentoring options to help you.

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