Month: June 2020

Would you rather?

When my two daughters were little girls, we often played a game called “Would You Rather.” The objective was to pose a question with an impossible answer. We’d ask ridiculous things, like  “Would you rather …

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What do you see?

When it comes to growing a business (or managing your life), you can either create exactly what you want or you can “wait and see” what happens.  There’s no wrong answer. Although personally, I LOVE being deliberate. …

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The sky is falling

Sometimes it feels like the sky is falling. Like, things happen outside of us that we don’t see coming. That unexpected bill, a hurtful comment, or a plan that falls through. At first, it feels …

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Chatter, chatter

Last week I met with an incredible 30-something ball-juggling ninja. On the outside, she “had it all.” She was married with two kids, was a key player in a family-operated business, and had a side …

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I only saw flaws

I was obsessed with every brush stroke, drip, and visible inconsistency. I was staining the railings on my front porch. They’d been neglected, and I wanted them to be beautiful. But each time a new …

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